"Elisa will make me drive a tesla"

-florian Diekert

pic by Espeloer
pic by Espeloer

pic by Espeloer
pic by Espeloer

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Since late 2018, ELISA have been on an exploratory journey to define their very own and progressive take on pop music, while keeping an eclectic sound by incorporating elements from other genres.

In composing, Elisa Herbig taps into her German-American heritage and years living in Norway for inspiration: The music combines Scandinavian expanse, German melancholy, and a dose of relaxed American attitude to create an entirely unique soundscape.

Recently, she’s found a kindred spirit in the pianist, composer and producer Jo Bartmes and together they’re exploring their very own world of sounds, centered around cello and voice. A warm and grooving bass supports their arrangements.


Elisa Herbig: cello, vocals

Jo Bartmes: electric organ, electric piano, percussion

Matthias TC Debus/Phillipp Wolfart: electric & accoustic bass, percussion