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"Eindringlicher, wunderschöner, einzigartiger Sound im Mauerwerk mit dem Trio Elisa. Alles, nur kein gesichtsloser und geschichtsloser Mainstream Pop." Die Herrenberger Zeitung, 3.8.2022


Upcoming Shows
21.10.2022 20:00 Konzert, Gecco in Bühl
Hauptstrasse 38, 77815 Bühl

29.7.2022 20:00 Uhr Konzert, Mauerwerk in Herrenberg
Hindenburgstrasse 22, 71083 Herrenberg

22.6.2022 19:30 Konzerte am NeckarLutherstr.18 in Heidelberg

20.5.2022  20:00 Konzert, 3Stimmen-3Instrumente-3Frauen im "BitterSüß"
Friedrichs.10 Mannheim-Neckarau

24.4.2022 16:00 Uhr Konzert, KulturKirche Löbstedt in Jena

16.11.2021 19:30 Release Konzert, TIKK Heidelberg

6.11.2021 3Stimmen-3Instrumente-3Frauen,  
"lange Nacht der Kunst und Genüsse",Showtime 18Uhr-19Uhr-20 Uhr Freyaplatz 10, MA
Voranmeldung an info@simone-kesternich.de



About Elisa Herbig




Elisa Herbig is the centerpiece of the trio ELISA. She writes lyrics and music centered around cello and voice, which expands into a sound world of her own with the addition of electric bass, beats and organ/rhodes. The English lyrics describe, the confrontation with life : encounter, distance and closeness withinin interpersonal experiences.
Whenever people meet, a story begins, sometimes happy sometimes sad but always true. For Elisa, the mother of three girls, personal encounters make up the essence of life.
With her music she wants to open a space in which an encounter with others and with herself is possible - thoughtfully, respectfully and freely.

The cello has accompanied Elisa since her childhood. She immersed herself in classical music with cello studies in Dresden, Germany, and then continued her journey towards other musical genres in Oslo, Norway. Through collaborations with very different Norwegian artists* she got in touch with songwriting and started writing herself.
With 12 years of experience abroad and a collection of songs in her luggage she came back to Germany and founded the band ELISA.
Together with her band mates Johannes "Jo" Bartmes and Matthias TC Debus she develops arragements that move between different musical categories and eludes any known genre. "Artpop with cello" probably describes the sound of ELISA most aptly.


ELISA in action

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new release 26.11.2021


Musik-Tipp von Victoriah Szirmai, Hifi-IFAs Der Blog. - 24.12.2021 "Fragen für die Seele"
Künstlerportrait/Albumkritik von Peter Wiest in Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung - 16.12.2021 Echtes Neuland:  "Outcome" ist ein ganz und gar ungewöhnliches Debüt
Interview/Albumkritik mit Gereon Hoffmann in Die Rheinpfalz - 7.12.2021 "Wie Elisa Herbig in ihrem Debüt Klanglandschaften erschafft" 
Konzertkritik in Die Rheinpfalz - 26.7.2021 "...Es ist alles und zugleich nichts bislang Dagewesenes. Originell und unnachahmlich...."



phone: 0049(0)17638918787

e-mail: info@elisa-music.com

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